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Julia's songwriting success includes:

"Loveless"  Licensed to The Lying Game - ABC Network TV  - US 

Song " Licensed to ABC Network TV - US / Worldwide

"Enviromental" -Award Winning Song - Songlink 
History Channel - UK - Original Music for Vampire Island
BBC TV - Restoration Village - Original Music 
Glastonbury Festival - Live Performance of "Enviromental" CD
BBC Introducing - Oxford - "
Come Get ....With Me"
Supercamps Online Theme Song 

Music (For Children To Perform) 

Available Exclusively through

Meerkat Manners - Musical For KS1 - Best Seller! 
Stranger In The Manger - Nativity Musical 
8 Little Songs For Little People 
Super Nit The Musical (coming soon)


Musicals For Children To Perform

For performance in schools, drama clubs and stage-schools - these original musicals come with script, vocal guide tracks and backing tracks, PDF download or hard-copy. 


Meerkat Manners 

Meerkat Manners is a delightful story about a family of African Meerkats and their quest to teach the unruly Hyenas how to have manners. With speaking parts for 17 children plus narrators, this Key Stage 1 musical also contains parts for elephants, monkeys, zebras and lions, all of which the children will enjoy performing!

Approximate Duration: 40 minutes

Stranger In The Manger 

Stranger In The Manger is the traditional nativity story entwined with the adventures of the animals in the manger and a surprise visitor.

With 14 main parts plus angels and narrators, this musical has recently been successfully performed by KS1 children and has received a great response, with performances in the UK and Ireland too. There are four original songs in this fast-paced, delightful nativity story with a running time of 45 minutes. Traditional Christmas songs may be added as your own choice. Suitable for ages 4-7.

Approximate Duration: 45 minutes

8 Little Songs For Little People 

A collection of 8 songs complete with piano/vocal score and vocal demonstrations and instrumental backing tracks for each song.

Songs 1 to 5 are recommended for children aged 5-7 years and songs 6 to 8 are recommended for children aged 8-11 years.


Super Nit - The Musical 

Based on the two book series Super Nit 1 and 2

A hair- raising musical you'll be itching to perform.

Coming soon! 


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